We work to build healthy and safe communities for women and girls.

MamaCare-Ghana Organization works alongside the priorities and policies of the Ghanaian Government to breach the gab between the rich and the poor in even distribution of scarce resources and services in the Country. In this regard, Ghana Government is working hard to achieve the 17 Universal Goals set-up by the UN to be achieved by the year 2030.

Therefore, MamaCare-Ghana Priorities its activities and programs in the following areas;

Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

  • Access to healthcare
  • Educational opportunities in medical fields (Training of Community Health Workers in Basic midwifery practices)
  • Child protection (Immunization and Child welfare Clinics)
  • Construction of Clinics/CHPS Compounds’ and Maternity homes
  • Reproductive health – family planning, cancer screening, healthy childbirth
  • Advocacy for equity in law and services for women and children
  • Informal educational workshops on healthy living for teens at risk, lactating mothers who are HIV-positive, mothers who
  • need new ideas on nutrition, and basic health, hygiene and disease prevention
  • Outreach services to increase antenatal, delivery and postnatal care at the Hospitals and health facilities at the local communities.

MAMACARE-GHANA ORGANIZATION is committed to ensuring that women at the grassroots-level can experience pregnancy and childbirth safely. We implement initiatives that promote high quality healthcare services related to pregnancy and childbirth, and that promote and increase awareness of reproductive rights. Such as training and equipping of practicing but untrained community-based Midwives, training of community health Nurses in basic midwifery and emergency delivery practices. Trainees are well equipped with medical devices and materials after a successful completion of the workshops.

Safe and Legal Abortion:

In Ghana girls quite often become pregnant at the age of 13. This has far-reaching consequences. Their bodies are not mature enough for a pregnancy, which may lead to life-threatening birth complications.

Unwanted pregnancies often result in abortions that pose a high health risk. In addition, an early pregnancy almost always  means having to leave school.  Young women who are pregnant but unmarried, they are rejected by their families and stigmatized by society. The main reason for unplanned pregnancies is the lack of sex education. But an unmet need for contraceptives and more difficult access to health services are also partly responsible. Traditions such as early marriage play a role plus the fact that women are unable to make decisions for themselves about sexuality and contraception;

MAMACARE-GHANA ORGANIZATION is providing sex education through already trained and incorporate sex education training in our training curricula so that the trainees after their graduation will be able to carry out sex education in their communities and at schools. MamaCare-Ghana sees the Queen mothers as a great partner in this regard to play a vital role in educating community.  Girls in the community are to embrace delay in pregnancy. MamaCare-Ghana also distributes free contraceptives to our Nurses for free services at the community level. Partner and Fund MamaCare-Ghana to continue to provide free contraceptives and also establish adolescent health clubs at both basic and senior high schools.

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all:

Though the Government of Ghana is working hard and has even made basic and senior high education free in the Country, the majority of the Children in the rural communities are marginalized and denied off the opportunity.  Parents in the rural communities believe that their “children” form the basic part of their human labor at their farms. Whiles, a “female” child office is at the kitchen.

MAMACARE-GHANA ORGANIZATION is committed to making sure that, all boys and girls are not wasted at homes and or communities. We do this through our outreaches gender equality sensitization and education at the community-level. Parents are educated about the need to send their children to school instead of giving them out for early marriages. Support us in a campaign to end early marriages and teenage pregnancy at the community-grassroots level. Support MamaCare-Ghana Organization to intensify education and also training of community Paralegals to deal with this situation as it a fundamental human right issue.

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Although, the Government of Ghana in recent past and currently implementing programs through the Women and Children office established. The attention and focus is on the urban cities and towns leaving the rural communities to lag behind. The department of Social Welfare is working hard to ensure that, there is adequate and ample education to reach rural communities, but they also lack resources to be able to reach hard-to reach and hinterlands. In effect, women and children continue to suffer violence at the community grassroots level.

MAMACARE-GHANA ORGANIZATION as a grassroots organization is committed to reach the hinterlands with the messages of non-violence against women and children. The Organization is in partnership with Queen Mothers Associations, both at the village level and up-to a Municipal level. Training of Paralegals has been one of the options that MamaCare-Ghana is pursuing in order to instate respect for both men and women at the community. Women at the community level are denied and marginalized to take up community leadership roles. Partner with MamaCare-Ghana to train community paralegals to serve as advocates for women and children who suffer violence in any form at the village level. Support MamaCare-Ghana also to be able to establish a Skills Training Centre to train women and girls who could not continue formal education as a result of poverty and or teenage pregnancy in order to give them vocation which will provide them with sufficient income for their families in the near future and also become self-independent.

Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

The Government of Ghana is doing well to making sure that, there is adequate water provision for domestic and industrialize consumption. Unfortunately, the attention and focus is at the urban cities and towns whiles the rural folks are left to out.

MAMACARE-GHANA ORGANIZATION is committed to breach this gab by encouraging and sourcing of funding to provide safe and drinking water to the rural poor through sinking of Mechanized boreholes and rain water harvest by constructing underground water-tanks. Training of Community Health Committees to oversee and be responsible for community water and sanitation program in order to sustain the interventions.  Partner with MamaCare-Ghana Organization; to sink boreholes, construct school toilets and training of community health committees to sustain the interventions at the community grassroots level.


We are a local non-profit making organization founded in 1996.
We promote sexual and reproductive health rights for women and children and undertakes activities also in Gender equality, women and children basic rights, women economic rights, women empowerment health and educational infrastructure projects,in the Republic of Ghana.

We are registered with the registrar General’s Department of the Republic of Ghana and obtained a certificate of incorporation of a Company under the Companies Act 1963, Act 179 as a Limited by Guarantee


P.O.Box HH526,
Hohoe, Volta Region
Ghana, West Africa

Phone: +233 (0) 24-6723642